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This page is about something I would definitly appreciate some help for.
If you’re up for assisting me, I would be tremendously grateful.

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I would absolutely love to do the things below, but either:

  • I am not capable;
  • or I do not have time;
  • or they are tasks that if done alone are tremendously boring, while with other people become much more enjoyable;
  • or I think they are good ideas, but I am not the right person to develop them.

Hence, the purpose of this page is to collect all of the things I need help for. Please note that my head, as this website’s favicon masterfully displays, is a perpetual explosion, therefore content you find below may belong to the most different fields: DIY as well as poetry, computer stuff as well as Philosophy may be involved.

In the case you find something you are interested in among the things below, do not hesitate to contact me or to drop a comment.

  • Timeline development - Developing a timeline which integrates with everything I do and locations all over the world
  • Help! - Things I need help with