Geek Todo

  1. Server backup - Borg
  2. Images and Storage
  3. Automations
  4. Install Castopod on Xplosion Server
  5. Defining a threat model
  6. Integrate audios, albums and images in log/daily Zettelkasten system (unique images and audios links to be opened)
  7. GiTMI
  8. Setup AdGuard Home
  9. Setup Matrix server
  10. Scripts
  11. Consistent resume creation (HackMyResume)
  12. Migration from to
    • Setting automatic boosts during the transition period
    • Misskey iOS app?
  13. Create Mastodon Bots:
    • Club Tenco
    • UniVe
  14. Update Backup and Backup checklist
  15. Cross-environment Tags integration
    • audios: notes containing shared links of files in Cubbit?
    • images: consider collecting shared links of albums in a private Giri, or integrate some sort of authentication wall (as with Flickr currently) in the public one. Does it make sense? Not too much of a waste of time?
  16. Configure h5ai on
  17. Configure and install sensible.vim, to associate keybindings to commands on Vim
  18. Use Hype Machine
  19. Create a CSS framework
  20. MacBook Pro color profile
  21. #geek/idea s
  22. TMI Pics custom CSS


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