Table of contents

  1. [[Images]] and storage
    1. Memorable pictures archive on Piwigo
  2. Defining a threat model
  3. Integrate audios, albums and images in log/daily Zettelkasten system (unique images and audios links to be opened)
  4. TMpi
    1. Pi-hole
    2. Photoprism (or on linuxplosion)
    3. Local Nextcloud / Yunohost
    4. Cron Jobs
  5. Finish Matrix server setup
  6. Finish AdGuard Home setup
  7. Update and reformat subscriptions.csv
  8. Movies data
  9. TMI Pics custom CSS
  10. Final color schemes
    1. iTerm
    2. Neovim
    3. Macvim
  11. scripts
  12. [[Missing Knowledge#Geek stuff|Learning geek stuff]]
  13. Understanding WhatsApp and Signal backups
    • format
    • readability
    • can they be stored in pure plain text?
  14. Open a PR to add install with Yunohost button in Pixelfed README
  15. Bot Club Tenco e Cubbit su Mastodon
  16. Update Backup and backup checklist and add the roadmap to import pictures from iOS to MacOS and Linux
  17. Sistemare [[To listen]] e trovare soluzione definitiva per quit spotify
  18. cross-environment tag integration
    • audios: notes containing shared links of files in Cubbit?
    • images: consider collecting shared links of albums in a private Giri, or integrate some sort of authentication wall (as with Flickr currently) in the public one. Does it make sense? Not too much of a waste of time?
  19. Setup Hype Machine
  20. Manage cross-system links (apps on Android not working on iOS and vice-versa)
  21. Create a CSS framework, inspired from simple.css, a class-less minimal CSS framework
  22. MacBook Pro color profile

website development > Roadmap

Road to internet freedom
  1. Quit Social Media
  2. 🏗 [[Quit and switch]]
  3. Check policies, usage terms, privacy conditions of all the tools and services in use
  4. ✅ [[RSSify]]
  5. 🏗 Start using [[Indie Web]]
  6. ✅ 2020.12.20 Delete unused accounts and subscriptions
  7. ✅ 2020.12.20 Use AnonAddy addresses everywhere
  8. Reduce the passive digital footprint
  9. ✅ 2021.01.01[[Missing Knowledge Learn]] and improve PGP keys management
  10. 🏗 Set a private DNS as a system-wide encrypted DNS
  11. ✅ Install and configure [[Server self-hosted appster]]

further steps #

These are further improvements which are not likely to be achieved in the near future.

  1. pi-hole, a network-wide ad-blocking system
  2. Switching back from iOS to a [[Quit Google deGoogled]] Android phone
  3. Switching from MacOS to Linux

Bugs and feature requests

The apps I use the most are open source and in active development. Often, I notice bugs or I have ideas of possible improvements but I rarely have time to file a proper issue for every bug or a exhaustive post for a feature request. Thus, in this list I quickly note all the thoughts which pop up in my mind, hoping some day I will have enough time to effectively share my reports.


Below, I take note of improvements or bugs which were not reported by anyone else yet. If there is something I noticed but someone else opened an issue about it, I will at most comment on it, but it will not appear here. In the same way, when I address the ideas I formerly wrote on this page, I successively delete them from here.

iOS #

Improvements and bugs of iOS which I notice while using my iPhone. iPhone feedback form

  • Siri offline
  • Clicking multiple times to toggle WiFi and Bluetooth: one click to disable it (white color), two clicks to completely switch it off. Alternatively, adding in the long-press pop-up the option to switch it off completely.
  • More selective notifications options, as in Android: select only specific types of notifications to mute
  • Extended screenshots
  • Allow making downtime schedule correspond to all of the events in a calendar, e.g. for University

Shortcuts #

  • Apple Pay automation: trigger action passing the payed price to a shortcut
  • Create and edit Shortcuts from MacOS or from web browser, so that it can be easier to visualize changes.

Messages #

  • Improved audio handling
  • Delete for me / delete for everybody option
  • mark as unread

Pixelfed #

![[Pixelfed#Bugs and Feature Requests]]

Signal #

Signal is the most secure and private messaging app in the world

  • setting to choose to automatically download media and add to Library

Loop habit tracker #

Loop Habit Tracker is an open source app for self tracking

  • Add the capability of inserting daily numbers instead of boolean values only. (e.g. to track how many candies I ate)

Nextcloud Notes #

  • Front matter recognition
  • Monospaced fonts for raw Markdown only (only while editing)

DupeGuru #

  • scanning also mirrored images and rotated ones # is an annotation and highlighting service for web pages

  • design improvement
  • WebMentions and IndieWeb integration

Obsidian #

Feature requests #

  • Make Wikilinks work in HTML tags

Bugs #

  • Markdown links in the format [example] are not correctly displayed in embedded notes
  • in editor mode last 2 letters are hidden. (fixed by setting .CodeMirror overflow: unset in the CSS theme file)
  • cursor width not corresponding to a single character’s spacing

1Writer #

1Writer is arguably the best Markdown writer app for iOS

  • Scroll to top / scroll to bottom buttons
  • Custom display front matter
  • read front matter metadata and use it
  • add a GUI metadata editor which modifies front matter content
  • support anchor links in wikilinks
  • support pages embedding

Cubbit #

cubbit > Feature requests

Oxygen OS #

Oxygen OS is the Android flavor developed and used by OnePlus

I stopped using my OnePlus 6T as my main device in February 2018
  • match the lock screen and ambient display design (right now digital clocks have two different fonts and sizes)
  • add the capability to customize the alert slider

piwigo > Bugs

piwigo > Feature requests

Joplin #

Joplin is a wonderful and complete note-taking app.

Note: I stopped using Joplin as my daily driver since November 2020 and I switched to Obsidian. The reasons why I did this are in this blog post.

Features requests #

  • Export to docx/odt: pandoc integration
  • Choose or edit formatting options of exported PDFs from GUI
  • Syntax Highlighting on mobile
  • Keyboard Shortcut for To-Do/Note conversion
  • display To-Dos on top after reminder rung
  • when a completed to-do has an indented point, dim it too
  • remove the delete confirmation button by adding a “Trash” notebook which empties itself automatically every x days
  • multiple simultaneous note editing
  • MOBILE ONLY: when clicking on reminder’s notification, go to the reminder in question
  • Notebook pinning
  • <br /> shortcut
  • Join the Common Mark standard
  • don’t create the _resources folder when exporting a note which hasn’t any attachments
  • Toggle an automatic table of content creation
  • Support for YAML front matter
  • Implement split view: two different notes side by side

Bugs #

  • cmd + E works only to switch external editing on, not to turn it off

Zettlr #

Zettlr is the best Markdown editor out there.

Since November 2020 I stopped using Zettlr because its work could be made by Obsidian
  • Implement split view: two different notes side by side


  • importing, not only exporting SVGs

Backup #

  • Campo migranti S. Antonio
  • 2016 > phone
  • 2017 > phone
  • 2017.12.22 Briciole di Rock, Imperia Musicale
  • giff 2017
  • acle 2017
  • 2020 factory video
  • 2019 > phone
  • ALL media
  • barcellona school trip phone

linuxplosion > Linuxplosion todo


🏗 WIP section 🛠

This section should contain a beautifull graph displaying the relations among this note and all of the others on Unfortunately, showing it requires great coding skills and I am still working on it.