In our world, especially on the web, there is a lot of content, maybe too much, and it’s very easy for me to get anxious because I can't keep up with everything and I can't know or learn what I wanted.
For this reason, it’s important to be very selective and aware of who I follow and what are the knowledge and news sources I'm subscribed to, in order to find the right equilibrium.

This is a comprehensive list of stuff I follow on the internet. Stuff means: Newsletters by people, newsletters by magazines, newsletters by computers, feeds of various sort, Telegram channels, Telegram Groups, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, people’s blogs.

Content which is in Italian has its description in Italian


Gosh, I love RSS. I think the whole world should use it. It’s such a clever, useful, simple, neat, old but solid technology that I believe it could replace social media.
I'm working hard to build an independent infrastructure on my server capable of gettings social media feeds and making them RSS feeds I can subscribe to. In the meanwhile, I'm slowly and steadily transitioning to use exclusively it, and below there’s a link to my feed subscriptions.

My Feed Subscriptions - last updated on Nov 4th, 2020


My Telegram channels:


Stopped Following

Telegram Public Groups

  • Associazione Oltre, il gruppo pubblico di discussione dell’Associazione Culturale di Sanremo di cui sono presidente.
  • BiT PoliTo Forum, gruppo pubblico su Bitcoin, Blockchain e Crypto gestito dal team studentesco BIT PoliTo
  • FSFE Milano, FSFE Local Group Milano: gruppo telegram di coordinamento e discussione attività FSFE Milano

Telegram Bots


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C’era un tempo - lontano - in cui tutti i ragazzi di Radioimmaginaria stavano in contatto principalmente via facebook