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Cheat sheet #

Change format and bitrate of an audio file

ffmpeg -i ~/in.m4a -ab 128k out.mp3

Add a background to a transparent PNG, add an audio file and put all of them in a video.

ffmpeg -i background.png -stream_loop 50 -i animation.png -filter_complex overlay -i voiceover.m4a -c:v libx264 -c:a copy out.mp4

Scale video or image by keeping the aspect ratio and choosing the width.

ffmpeg -i ~/desktop/ -vf scale=720:-1 ~/desktop/out.mp4

# multiple files at a time
for img in ~/desktop/pics/*.jpg; do ffmpeg -i "$img" -vf scale=1600:-1 "$img"; done;

both scaling and resizing a video

ffmpeg -i ~/desktop/ -vf "scale=720:-1,crop=720:720:0:300" ~/desktop/out.mp4

Flags #

-y		# overwrite output flags

Cheat sheets #

Resources #

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