It is definitely too late for lunch, but the classical meals of a mid-afternoon snack do not seem really attracting.
In addition, you feel like a Spritz would be the most perfect drink to please your tongue with.
Furthermore, you have the feeling that the drink you are going to order is going to be the first of a relatively long series.

If all of the above is true, it means it is time to have drunch:

Something in the middle between dinner and lunch, during which you might end up drunk.

In other words, drunch is something similar to a brunch, but in the afternoon, with alcohol.


The term comes from the ancient English words dinner, lunch, and drunk, joined together in a pleasantly sweet union by the scholars Alice Bleasdale (a.k.a amiah) and Tommi Boom (a.k.a amioh), while having the very first so-called drunch of history, seated at a table of the legendary Brillo Parlante, the .

Alice seated at a table of Brillo Parlante
An historical image of the very moment when the idea of drunch was conceived