I believe the foundations of a peaceful, productive and full life are composed of a combination of habits and boundaries.
Below are the ones I set to myself.

The following decisions go hand in hand with the slot philosophy, which is my main approach to self improvement
  • from 2013, stop playing any videogame and stop installing any game app on my mobile
  • from June 2016, turning off all push notifications, except alarms and reminders
    • you do not actually miss any message
    • you can leave internet and everything turned on, nothing will distract you unless really important and worth your immediate attention
  • from 9th November 2020, never use my laptop while in bed, except to watch movies
  • by the end of 2020, stop sending voice notes longer than 45 seconds
    • Either write or call.
    • communications become stressful: if I record long audios, obviously I need to listen to them… and they pile up. This is not good nor healthy.
  • by the end of 2020, quit Social Media
  • since , do not watch more than a TV series episode a day — a.k.a. prevent binge-watching


A handful of links which led me to set some of the boundaries above.


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