• how does Anytype connect to the outer world?
  • basic data structure is in JSON?
  • is the public front-end going to be customizable with a personal CSS and own TLD, etc.?
  • ActivityPub/Fediverse implementation + Webmentions: how to link stuff which comes also from outside Anytype
  • Spotlight search
  • media files focus
  • Personal data management implementation (check every CSV and its Shortcut)
  • Import VCF
  • Voice memos integration
  • Co-existing media: not only avoid duplications in the system, but also make Anytype format compatible with other programs not only by exporting, but while files are in the app.
  • understanding what/how much is stored locally and what/when it is kept in the backup server, according to which principle. Criteria for storing huge files? https://community.anytype.io/t/allow-user-to-initiate-full-sync-and-sync-for-a-perticular-object/2572
  • Add “quote” styling option
  • HTML formatting? Is it possible to select “view source”?
  • Pandoc implementation: export as Markdown or HTML or docx etc. (also in iOS)
  • import YAML metadata while importing Markdown files
  • Shortcuts integration along with filesystem integration
  • Plugins?


  • Switch to Matrix instead of using Discord


To post on https://community.anytype.io/t/future-plugin-extension-api-ideas/1397/9

I believe that integration with **API**s is critical, since it would open Anytype to the outer world.  
While as of right now everything inside Anytype has to be written by us, I believe it is not an optional but a core feature being able to import, or, even better, **synchronize data with different services**.

Most common and important implementations:
- [Open Library](https://openlibrary.org 'Internet Archive’s Open Library'), to import data about books
- [IMDb](https://imdb.com), and/or [TMDb](themoviedb.org 'The Movie Database'), and/or [OMDb](https://www.omdbapi.com/ 'Open Movie Database API'), hence integrating movie data

🏗 WIP section 🛠

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